About Us

TabTale is a creator of interactive books, games, and educational apps that kids and parents love. With a proprietary platform made for rapid development of high-quality content for smart devices, TabTale has released over 250 apps for children on both iOS and Android devices and has achieved over 300 million downloads.
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Israel, TabTale is a global company with operations in over five countries.

The affection for our apps has manifested itself in 25M active monthly users, a fact that has made our creations an integral part of kids’ lives, from infancy to adolescence. Our success story is also unique in the sense that we have reached repeat Top 10 appearances on Apple’s iOS global publisher’s ranks without using externally branded content.

In addition to our own in-house developing capabilities, today we are looking to further expand our reach, and are currently searching for indie developers looking for a publishing partner.

Browsing through Tabtale’s library of apps make me want to be a kid again.”
VentueBeat, 10/30/2013
If you have a young child, you’re probably very familiar with their games. You just may not realize it.”
GameZebo, 8/7/13
With education apps crossing one billion downloads on iTunes earlier this year, the demand for quality learning content, especially content of the kid-friendly variety, is growing fast — and so is the opportunity for app publishers. Since launching in 2010, Israel-based startup, TabTale, has been on a mission to capitalize on this demand and is quietly becoming one of the App Store’s top publishers as a result”.
TechCrunch, 11/7/2013
TabTale blends the technical with the creative to turn children’s books into profits”
PandoDaily, 11/22/2012
By focusing on the children’s educational market, TabTale has reaped the rewards of increased youth engagement with mobile and tablet devices whilst avoiding the current travails of free-to-play games aimed at kids. A catalogue of 240 apps has been built by the company in just three years since its founding, culminating in a total of 220 million downloads”
Game Industry International , 8/11/2013
Children’s game publisher TabTale climbed twelve spots in July to become the 7th most downloaded publisher in the iOS App Store based on games”.
AppAnnie, 8/28/13
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