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Thumbnail image for Switcheroo

Choose from a variety of supercool characters. Gain jewels as you work your way through the colorful trail, and buy new character skins. Get awesome powerups that will slow you down or speed you [...]

Thumbnail image for Spinners vs. Monsters

MONSTER ATTACK! Luckily, the spinner is here to save the day! Move your spinner through the dangerous monster-filled world to kill as many monsters as you can. Collect coins and power-ups for [...]

Thumbnail image for No Pixels Allowed

ALERT! Pixels on the loose! No pixels allowed. We repeat: NO PIXELS ALLOWED! Tap to jump and pop the pixels! Match the pixel’s color and pop away ‘til the pixels are gone for good! Absolutely NO [...]

Thumbnail image for Cheating Tom 3

Tom’s gotten so good at cheating his way through school, that he’s been mistaken for a genius! He’s even been invited to a special genius school. Something shady is going on – turns out the [...]

Thumbnail image for No One Dies Tonight

Run, stickman, run! But watch out for the deathtraps! The stickmen’s lives depend on you! One stickman is not too hard to control – but 5?! If just one man dies, they’re all screwed – can you [...]

Thumbnail image for Interview Crash

That moment when your kids interrupt your interview on live TV… AWKWARD. Kids and important live interviews don’t mix. Get them outta there before you’re embarrassed on international television!

Thumbnail image for

Start out as a teeny Mr., and eat other players to grow! Just try to avoid becoming their dinner. > 18 hungry, loveable, funny pixel-art characters to choose from! > RUN feature – Activate this [...]

Thumbnail image for Emoji Life

There are so many little loveable emojis that need someone to take care of them. Adopt your very own emoji and make sure it has everything it needs. Dress it up in cool emoji outfits, tuck it [...]

Thumbnail image for Slithery Split

Tap, hold & release to slither and split your way through all the obstacles! Unlock characters in this psychedelic world and become a Slithery Split master! Can you beat this impossible game?

Thumbnail image for Ho Ho Ho? No No No!

Uh-oh… Looks like Santa drank one too many eggnogs. There’s an insane blizzard on Christmas Eve, but that won’t stop Santa from delivering presents. Problem is, an evil snow cloud wants to freeze [...]