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Thumbnail image for Crazy Eye Clinic

Doctor X to the Rescue! These CRAZY patients need YOU! Use special medical tools to stretch open eyes, remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria! Discover all kinds of surprises in your patients’ [...]

Thumbnail image for Baby Tree House

Join Emma, Kim, Sophia and Michael in their brand new, giant tree house! Fix up the attic, play hidden objects games in the playroom and have breakfast with babies in the kitchen! You can even [...]

Thumbnail image for Princess Fashion Star

Princess Fashion Star is the perfect game for aspiring fashionistas and future princesses! From royal manicures and pedicures, to luxurious spa treatments, to clothing design activities, there is [...]

Thumbnail image for Coco Ice Princess

Personalize your 3D Ice Princess and choose from over 200 royal outfits and accessories! You can even choose your princess’ hair color and skin tone! Head to the Royal Ice Spa, apply professional [...]

Thumbnail image for Xmas: The 4 Santas

– Tap to treat Clumsy Santa with tool like tweezers, ice spray and more – Choose from tons of adorable outfits to dress up Fancy Santa – Make your own unique holiday perfume! [...]

Thumbnail image for Baby Beekeepers

And now, some BEE jokes to make you smile  Q: What did the sushi say to the bee? A: Wassabee! Q: What goes zzub, zzub? A: A bee flying backwards! Q: What bee is good for your health? A: Vitamin [...]

Thumbnail image for Santa’s Little Helper

Santa is so busy collecting presents for Christmas, he hasn’t even had the chance to clean up his messy house! Help Santa as you clean up his messy house in time for the Christmas holiday! [...]

Thumbnail image for Hollywood Star Designer

Edna’s casting agency is in serious trouble! The actresses have arrived for their auditions, but look like a complete mess! Can you help fix them up?! Give them glamorous Hollywood makeovers, [...]

Thumbnail image for Monster Hair Salon

Give your monsters the creepiest hairstyles ever! Curl, straighten, cut, color and more! Enjoy tons of professional tools like curling irons, blow dryers, scissors and magic hair growing spray! [...]

Thumbnail image for My Dream Job

What does it take to be a young, independent female entrepreneur? Creativity, passion, hard work and a vision! Get ready for your next big pitch with this all new app for young entrepreneur [...]