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Completely FREE with 40 different animals for your kids to enjoy. Definitely the best animals flash cards available!!! Watch your children as they quickly learn & recognize each animal’s [...]

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Do your kids like Puzzles? This great puzzle offers fantastic animal worlds, lovely illustrations, amazing effects and sounds… and it’s waiting to be discovered now! Animal Zoo [...]

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Amazing pet piano app is specially designed for kids to have fun playing the piano and generate a lot laughter. Pet Piano is interactive, engaging and funny. Guaranteed to entertain and educate [...]

Thumbnail image for Amazing Car Creator

Kids will love to design their own cool, stylish, luxury or sports car. Start with 20 different models and create dozens of different cars. Choose snazzy and colorful doors, windows, fenders, [...]

Thumbnail image for Alice in Wonderland

Follow Alice as she falls down the rabbit’s hole into a fantasy world. Discover a magical world, meet new friends and embark on an enchanting experience. See this remarkable story come to life [...]

Thumbnail image for Aladdin and The Magic Lamp

Join Aladdin on his magical journey as he falls in love with a beautiful princess and wins her heart. Teach your children how modesty, determination and hard work goes a long way in life. Aladdin [...]

Thumbnail image for A Recipe For a Perfect Day with Dad

–> A Marvelous Fantasy – The Best Recipe For The Whole Family to Enjoy –> HD graphics- Fun & stunning interactions- high quality narration & sound effects A [...]

Thumbnail image for Preschool Memory Match and Learn

Preschool Memory Match is a comprehensive preschool activity of memory matching games. Fully configurable to enable numerous game settings, options and stages. Equipped with over 130 colorful, [...]

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Come and enjoy a royal treat with Princess Coloring Book; The perfect app for your little princess. Here you will find a captivating and interactive experience with 8 unique and magical games [...]

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Wrap To It! Tap to wrap up the hot dogs quickly! Your guests are hungry so keep up with the conveyor belt and keep the hot dogs coming! Serving Party! These hot dogs are too hot to handle and too [...]