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Thumbnail image for Flower Girl

> Plant tulips, roses, and other beauties in the garden and watch them bloom! > Design your own floral bouquets. Get creative with flower arrangements! > Shop for a wedding dress with Molly and [...]

Thumbnail image for Babysitter Madness

It’s babysitter madness! Take these wild and fun babies to play at the gymboree, make delicious frozen yogurt, and when night falls, get them ready for bed. You can even jump into the pool for a [...]

Thumbnail image for Rock The School – Class Clown

Are you ready to rule the school?! Join Molly and Alex for a ROCKIN school adventure! From crazy classroom activities to skateboarding adventures, it’s sure to be one CRAZY day! Who knew school [...]


Decorate and clean up the land so that it’s beautiful and new! It’s all up to you! Help the fairies save the magic village and break the evil spell! Make magic potions, meet polar bears and [...]

Thumbnail image for Crazy Santa

– Tap to treat Crazy Santa with tool like tweezers, ice spray and more! – Choose from tons of crazy holiday outfits to dress up Santa! – Make your own unique holiday perfume! [...]

Thumbnail image for Cutie Patootie

This app is designed for children ages 2-8, but fun for the whole family to play under the tree! And it’s a gift…so it’s completely free! Merry Christmas! Features: > Musical instruments to [...]

Thumbnail image for My Newborn Sister

Ho, ho, ho! Santa’s bringing you a baby sister for Xmas! What could be better??? Help Mommy prepare for a beautiful new baby girl! Give Mommy vitamins, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and help [...]

Thumbnail image for Strawberry Rush

Strawberry Rush is an all new 3D kids adventure game with super easy tap controls for your child. Journey through 5 magical worlds — Fruit Garden, Playground, Water Park, Forest and Wonderland — [...]

Thumbnail image for Bubble Party

Lather up and rinse off, it’s time for the craziest bubble party ever! Choose from a variety of cleaning and bath activities and get started! Take a bath with bubbles, find hidden toys in [...]

Thumbnail image for My Knit Shop

Welcome the Neat Boutique, full of pretty clothes, fun fabrics, stylish accessories and much more! Design and stitch the trendiest pieces with new fashionable friends! Knit beautiful dresses, sew [...]