Wednesday, December 17th

by TabTale

BestOf2014_AirHeads_FB (1)

GREAT NEWS! Airheads Jump has been selected as one of the App Store Best of 2014 games! We are proud of our collaboration with Tactile Entertainment, the talented team who developed this awesome game. If you have a hit game or a fantastic team and want to reach a massive audience of players, contact us! We’d love to hear about your game and work together to make sure you get […]

Sunday, December 14th

by TabTale


This Xmas, enjoy Crazy Labs’ smash hit game, My Little Monster, and enter for the chance to win a FREE ipad mini! Adopt your very own little monster and make him a part of your life! Design him, play with him, and make him real with the magic of 3D printing! How to Win: 1) Download – My Little Monster ( 2) Post your monster design to our Crazy Labs’ […]

Wednesday, October 1st

by TabTale


TabTale is proud to announce that once again it is currently ranked as a Top 10 Games Publisher Worldwide (iOS and Google Play combined). AppAnnie made this official announcement last Thursday. It has also been noted that Disney and TabTale scored this month with kids games on iOS. Read the full report here .

Thursday, August 21st

by TabTale


How would you like to get a free and exclusive TabTale case for your iPhone5?We have 30 of these super cool cases, so if you want one – please send us an email to with the subject line “About the iPhone5 cases”, and include your full postal address, and mention which one would you prefer – Baby Emma or Doctor X The first 30 emails we will receive, will get […]

Wednesday, July 30th

by TabTale


We are happy to announce our new offices in china, following the acquisition of Coco Play – a Hong Kong and China-based developer of educational apps and games for kids. The CocoPlay-TabTale team has recently moved to a new studio in Triumph Plaza, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China. TabTale’s management met with the whole team last week to talk about the fascinating plans they will work on in the coming year. […]

Thursday, June 26th

by TabTale

Joint-Logo1 (2)

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured a licensing deal with AG Properties (AGP), the intellectual property and outbound licensing division of American Greetings Corporation, to develop and publish mobile apps based on the company’s popular brands for kids. The first app being revealed is Care Bears Rainbow Playtime, which is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for [...]

Thursday, June 19th

by TabTale

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Got a birthday coming up for your little one? We know you want it to be as special as it can be, and hopefully easy to prepare. Well this is where we come in. Introducing our brand new giveaway – TabTale birthday invitations! Just like our tattoos giveaway, our door hangers giveaway and our paper dolls giveaway, It is completely free, you can simply print out, whatever you like, as […]

Thursday, June 5th

by TabTale

Emma 2

We are very happy to share a new giveaway with all of you, following the success of our Tattoos giveaways and our door hangers giveaways. This time we have prepared some adorable printable paper dolls with two optional outfits for each one! We have attached the images here so you can choose the ones you like, Print, cut and play around how ever you like! Feel free to post a […]

Thursday, May 29th

by TabTale

הורד (2)

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Coco Play Limited, a Hong Kong and China-based developer of educational apps and games for kids. Founded in 2013, Coco Play has witnessed rapid growth due to the popularity of its games. Its apps have reached the #1 ranking on the Chinese App Store in the Kids, Education, and Family categories, and enjoyed similar success in other countries. Coco Play’s apps have […]

Thursday, May 15th

by TabTale

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Following the popularity of our Tattoos giveaways from two weeks ago, we are SUPER excited to announce we have prepared adorable door hangers with your most beloved TabTale characters! We have attached the images here so you can choose the ones you like, Print and cut them and that’s it! Simple, fun and free! We would appreciate it very much if you would post a photo of the hangers on […]

Thursday, May 8th

by TabTale

2014-04-17 11.27.28 (2)

How would you like to get free fun tattoos for your kids with their favorite TabTale characters? If you do, please send us an email to with your postal address. We guarantee we will ONLY use your address to send you the tattoos, and then delete your details from our records. Also, we will NOT use your email address for any other purpose. After receiving the tattoos, if you […]

Wednesday, March 26th

by TabTale

We are happy to share our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents. We are working hard on updating our policies and practices regularly and ensuring the whole company and our products adhere to its guidelines. The main changes this time relate to the introduction of our new Crazy Labs brand, compliance with applicable laws and developments within our products and business. We have specific policies governing use of […]