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Thumbnail image for Babysitter First Day Mania

These adorable babies are so lucky – they’ve got the best babysitter in the world – yes, YOU!!! The little cuties are in need of a super babysitter. Let’s see if you got what it [...]

Thumbnail image for Hercules Falls… in Love

Hercules was merrily enjoying a cloud bath in the sky, when his grumpy old dad Zeus sends him down to Earth to live among the humans for a day, to become less spoiled and lazy. What starts out as [...]

Thumbnail image for Mad Teacher

What do you do when your teacher has gone mad?! It’s time to get revenge! Have a blast with the craziest school pranks you’ve ever seen. Set off firecrackers, make her fart on a Whoopie cushion, [...]

Thumbnail image for EEEW! Stinkiest Feet Ever

You’ve been working hard with your best friend to plan the birthday party of your dreams – a pool party! From designing the party invitations to choosing a fun music playlist, everything’s [...]

Thumbnail image for Fashion School Girl

Stella just got back to her old school after a year away at fashion boarding school… and she realizes that her old school is dullsville. Use your fashionista skills to help her add some style to [...]

Thumbnail image for Karate Girl vs. School Bully

*This fun and educational game was inspired by the continuing battle against the bullying that goes on every day in schools around the world.* Enough is enough! How much bullying can one girl [...]

Thumbnail image for Patch It Girl!

Your DIY dreams are coming true! Get out your sewing kits and prepare to amaze your customers and fans with your incredible patch design skills! The patch options are endless, from rainbows to [...]

Thumbnail image for BFF Shopping Spree

Shopping is always fun… but it’s even better when you’re with your best friend! Best friends FOREVER! Bring your pets along for the mall adventure – they like shopping too! Get glammed up [...]

Thumbnail image for Island Princess

The island villagers need Kalani’s help saving their beautiful islands – but she can’t do it alone! You’ve got to help make Kalani’s journey successful. Lots of people and the beautiful [...]

Thumbnail image for Unicorn Food

Ashley is a supercool teen who likes to live like a unicorn! She covers herself in head-to-toe sparkly rainbow garb, styles her hair like a unicorn, and eats delicious rainbow colored [...]