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Thumbnail image for Crazy Museum Day

The fun never ends at this CRAZY museum! Choose from 8 specially themed rooms with a ton of amazing activities in EACH one: including science puzzles, wildlife matching game, painting, [...]

Thumbnail image for Agent Molly

Today is the annual detective party and Agent Molly needs to get there on time! From missing puppies to scary ghosts, it’s sure to be a CRAZY day! Use Molly’s special detective tools to solve [...]

Thumbnail image for Princess Jewelry Shop

Your clients need some *bling* for the Royal Ball and the Princess Jewelry Shop has got just the thing! Take these pretty princesses through every room in your shop to design earrings, tiaras, [...]

Thumbnail image for Fancy Makeup Shop

Make your beautiful clients look even PRETTIER at the Fancy Makeup Shop! Earn stars as you treat clients and upgrade your FANCY salon! Use tons of professional tools like tweezers, wax, creams, [...]

Thumbnail image for Fix It Girls

What’s summer without a pool?! Help the Fix It Girls bring summer to the neighborhood by using your creativity and eye for design to fix up the pool along with the rest of the house! Clean, [...]

Thumbnail image for Tiny Roads

Beep Beep! Move on over, Tiny Road is exactly the puzzle experience your child has been waiting for! With over 100 puzzle games and 24 different vehicles to unlock, Tiny Roads encourages kids to [...]

Thumbnail image for Supermarket Girl

Ever been to the supermarket with Mom or Dad? It’s so much fun! Well guess what? Now it’s your turn to run your own supermarket! This supermarket isn’t any ordinary supermarket, [...]

Thumbnail image for Baby Care & Dress Up

Meet Emma, Kim, Sophia and Ava, four adorable babies who can’t wait to be dressed, fed, played with, bathed, read a bedtime story and put to sleep. This is the most fantastic mommy’s helper game [...]

Thumbnail image for Fairytale Birthday Fiasco

Clumsy Birthday Mania! Your favorite princesses from FairyTale Fiasco are back with an all new birthday adventure in the Royal Kingdom! Join this pack of beautiful (and clumsy!) princesses on [...]

Thumbnail image for Baby Vacation

Get ready for a fun-filled vacation adventure! Run your very own hotel and make sure the babies have the best vacation ever! It’s up to you to make sure everything runs smoothly and to keep [...]