Back to School in 1-2-3

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

by TabTale

Hurray! It's the most exciting time of the year for both parents and kids. No, it's not Christmas — it's Back to School season! That's right, parents can finally relax after a long summer of desperately trying to entertain their kids, and kids can… well, kids can go back to school! For some kids, this is a fun and long-awaited period. They can't wait to see their friends again, meet their new teachers and embrace the challenge of a new year. But for other kids, the new school year can be bittersweet. They may feel sad about leaving their parents, nervous about change and afraid of the unfamiliar.

As parents, what can we do to make the back-to-school experience more exciting and positive for our more sensitive kids?

1) Share Photos, Share Memories
Take out old albums and collect pictures of yourself from when you were in school. Get in touch with your inner child and recall as many school memories as you can. Sharing your own back to school stories is a great way to make this seemingly overwhelming experience a bit less intimidating for your child. Whether your memories are happy, funny or embarrassing, your child will appreciate your honesty and perhaps take comfort in relating to you on a deeper level.

2) Introduce the New Year with Apps
As the new year approaches, parents often bombard children with boring chapter books, excruciating math exercises, and countless flashcards. The idea seems to be to pack in as much information at the last minute, to make sure your child is the greatest, most brilliant child in class. Rather than overwhelming your child with uninteresting and dry worksheets, try downloading some fun, creative apps. Some of our favorite apps to get kids excited about school are Cool School , The Wheels on the Bus, Happy Teeth and Tiny Roads!

3) Send Them Off with Surprises
Pack small surprises in your child's lunchbox or backpack for the first few weeks of school. Write loving notes to encourage your child to have fun, stay positive and open his or her mind to new and exciting experiences. Not only will this give your child something to look forward to every day, but it will also help lessen whatever discomfort or sadness he or she may be feeling. Don’t forget to personalize the surprises for your child; some kids may like challenging riddles, while others may prefer heartfelt rhymes. You know your child best and what will make him or her smile wide when starting off the school year :-)

So take out your old albums, download some fun new apps and start writing little notes to make the upcoming school year the best year yet!