Cutie Patootie Interviews Shai Samet

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

by TabTale

Casual Connect is just around the corner and we’re honored to be hosting the Kids & Family Track! We’ve invited leaders in the Kids Mobile Industry to speak about a variety of topics, including safety, next-generation technology, and business development. As part of our countdown to the big day, we asked some of our favorite TabTale characters to interview these professional and passionate individuals.

First up, we asked Cutie Patootie, star of Cutie Patootie: Welcome to Town, to interview Shai Samet, founder and president of the kidSAFE Seal Program. kidSAFE is a safety certification service and seal-of-approval designed for children-friendly websites, apps, and technologies. Let’s see how Shai Samet answers Cutie Patootie’s endearing questions!

Cutie Patootie: Hi Shai! I’m so excited to talk to you and hear more about what you do. What is the story behind kidSAFE? What was your intention in founding it?
Shai: The idea behind kidSAFE hit me in early 2010 while I was showering one night before bed (which is when I do most of my thinking). As mobile apps were just starting to explode and becoming increasingly popular with kids, I wondered why there was no clear, concise, and globally adopted trust mark that would tell parents whether an app, website, or tablet device (in any country or language) was safe and appropriate for their children to use. I feared this would become a growing need and problem, especially with the continuous advancements in technology and new social messaging platforms. Most important of all, with three growing children of my own at the time, and one more coming, this was going to become a personal issue, as well. With this backdrop, “kidSAFE” was born. I launched the kidSAFE Seal concept in Feb 2010 at the New York Toy Fair, literally days after my fourth child was born. My wife was not thrilled about the timing (need I elaborate?), but thankfully, she was extremely supportive. My long-term goal is to make kidSAFE the ultimate go-to resource for both businesses and consumers around the world who are looking to keep children and families safe online.

Cutie Patootie: Wow, what a story! If you could create any app for kids what would it be about? What types of activities and characters would it feature?
Shai: Ha, that’s an easy one to answer. I have been blessed with 5 children, all under the age of 14, three of them girls, two of them boys. If there was an app that would keep them from fighting, and get them to do their homework without a fuss, I would be the biggest supporter. I would imagine the app would have activities and characters that would make each sibling love each other to death, that they would never fight and would help each other finish their homework. Wishful thinking, I know.

Cutie Patootie: I love that idea! Maybe you can tell me more about your idea at the upcoming conference. Speaking of which, I'm so excited you're coming to speak at Casual Connect TLV! What are you most excited about for this trip?
Shai: I am most excited about re-visiting the Holy Land, but equally excited about re-visiting Tel Aviv, which is the home city of the very first member that signed up with kidSAFE. I am talking about KIDO’Z. Kol Hakovod to them, as well as TabTale, Casual Connect, and the growing tech community in Tel Aviv, for taking a strong interest in what kidSAFE does and represents.

Cutie Patootie: Thanks so much, Shai, for taking the time to talk to me and telling me more about kidSAFE. I can’t wait to meet you at Casual Connect and play some awesome games with you! See you soon!