Hacking Casual Connect: Your Go-to-Guide for Casual Connect Tel Aviv

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

by TabTale

Casual Connect is just a few days away and we are so excited to be hosting the Kids and Family Track! As many of you will be flying in from abroad, we've put together a simple guide to help make your visit as easy and enjoyable as possible. We wanted to prepare something practical, not just another travel guide, so we asked various departments at Tabtale to help us find the most delicious restaurants, best transportation options, relevant Hebrew phrases and more! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your upcoming visit to Tel Aviv. See you soon!

Let’s start with the basics. Casual Connect will talk place at the Habima Center, Israel’s biggest Cultural Center and Theatre.
Location: Habima Center - Crossroads of Rothschild and Ben Zion Ave.
Map of Auditorium.

Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms are currently sold out, but there will be 7 publicly available meeting points. Click here to set up a meeting.

WiFi: will be free but the network will have a password. The password will be on all the directional signs.

Luggage Check: There will only be a luggage check on the third day of the show.

Transportation: Getting around Tel Aviv is actually quite simple. While it’s primarily a bus and walking city, there are taxis, mini buses, and bikes to rent. Here’s what TabTale’s animation team suggests when it comes to transportation options.

1) Taxis - There are plenty of taxis in Tel Aviv, so you can always try to hail one down. If not, use Gett or call one the following companies. It’s best to always ask the driver to turn on the meter, rather than negotiate a price. Taxi prices in Tel Aviv should range from about 25 NIS to 50 NIS.

Gett - Download the popular app Gett to order a taxi 24/7. Gett is to go-to taxi app in Tel Aviv (as opposed to Uber which is still not as popular here.)

You can also try calling the taxi companies below:

Castel (03) 699-3322
Gordon (03) 527-2999
Shekem (03) 527-0404
Note: Ordering a taxi will add about 4-5 NIS to the total cost.

2) Bikes - Tel Aviv has a great public bike rental system, Tel-O-Fun. Look out for the green bike stations throughout the city. Daily or weekly subscriptions can be purchased with credit card at any of the Tel-O-Fun rental stations around town. There is a bike station located right by Casual Connect at 140 Rothchild Avenue - Habima. Check out the official Tel-O-Fun site for more info.

3) “Moniot Sherut” - Private taxis run throughout the main streets of Tel Aviv, carry about 8 people at a time and cost approximately 7 NIS. Line “5” runs down Rothschild (right by Casual Connect) and continues onto Dizengoff (another main street with shopping centers and plenty of restaurants).

Business Lunch: We asked the Marketing Team for a list of restaurants located in walking distance from Casual Connect. The following restaurants and cafes are a great place for quick business meetings, a leisurely lunch or even dinner.

Arcaffe - This upscale cafe is located directly outside Habima, where Casual Connect will be held. The cafe serves Italian coffee, fine French bread and pastries, and a wide selection of fresh salads and sandwiches. A convenient option for business meetings, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Shulchan - Located on Rothschild Street, just a 5-10 minute walk from Casual Connect, this popular spot belongs to one of Israel’s most beloved chef’s, Omer Miller. The understated and intimate atmosphere complements the modern cuisine made with local and in-season ingredients. Shulchan is highly recommended for both lunch and dinner. Try our favorites - their famous Egg Schnitzel or Cold Calarami Salad ;)
For reservations: 03-5257171

Cantina - This classy Italian restaurant is located on Rothschild Boulevard, less than a 10 minute walk from the Casual Connect location. Soak up Tel Aviv’s urban charm as you sit outside on the balcony, drink wine and enjoy classic Italian dishes with Middle Eastern influences. Cantina is a favorite spot for local pop stars, politicians and artists. It’s best to make reservations ahead of time as there can sometimes be a long wait.
For reservations: 03-6205051

Night Out:
Looking for a fun night out in Tel Aviv? Our Business Development team can show you where to go when the sun sets in the White City.

1) Sarona - This brand new outdoor shopping, cultural and leisure experience is a must! The renewed colony includes an urban park and restored buildings from the Templar settlement. The refurbished buildings have been transformed into elegant cafes, high-end restaurants, beautiful art galleries and a variety of specialty shops. Stop by Sarona’s Market, as well, an indoor culinary complex full gourmet food stands from Israel’s top chefs. .

2) Old Jaffa Port (Namal Yafo) - The ancient Jaffa Port is a stark contrast to modern day Tel Aviv. One of the oldest ports in the world, it is a fascinating historic and cultural spot. Stroll down the stone-paved alleyways and discover the secrets of ancient Jaffa. The majestic city hosts local cafes and restaurants with authentic Mediterranean food as well as modern art exhibits.

3) Namal (Tel Aviv Port) - During the day, the “Namal” is the perfect place to enjoy local cafes and stores while overlooking the vibrant Mediterranean Sea. At night, this newly restored port turns into one of the hottest places in the city with popular restaurants, bars and clubs. Check out Kitchen Market, a seafood restaurant overlooking the water, Shalvata, an outdoor cafe/ dance bar and Shablul Jazz, a contemporary jazz club with concerts every night.

Hebrew Phrases: While most Tel Avivians understand and speak English, it may be fun and helpful to learn a few basic phrases in Hebrew. Our QA team put together some key phrases to help you find your way around. Good Luck or “Behatzlacha” as we say in Hebrew!
“Shalom”: Hi!
“Lehitraot” - See you later
“Ma Kore?” - What’s up?
“Eifo __________” - Where ex: “Eifo Sarona?” - Where is Sarona?
“Cama Ze Oleh?” - How much does it cost?
“Sababa”- Cool
Click here for more Hebrew phrases.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun at Casual Connect and enjoy your time in Tel Aviv.