Happy Teeth, Healthy Kids

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

by TabTale

Last week we launched our latest app, Happy Teeth - Healthy Kids, a tooth brushing game for kids ages 2-6. Happy Teeth features 7 educational and creative activities to encourage children to care for their teeth and eat healthy! Developed alongside experienced educators, Happy Teeth combines education and fun for the ultimate tooth brushing experience!

We created Happy Teeth as a tool for parents to teach their kids the importance of brushing teeth. As most of us have experienced first hand, teaching kids to brush their teeth can be challenging to say the least! With Happy Teeth, kids can simulate brushing their teeth, remove bacteria in an interactive mini game and learn to identify healthy foods! They can also visit the dentist and orthodontist’s office, decorate their own tooth box and get presents from the tooth fairy!

One of our favorite parts of Happy Teeth is the catchy sing-along song, “This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth”! The song is perfect to play for your kids while they brush their teeth, and it even includes directions as to how to brush properly (every night and morning!). Sing along to this original tooth brushing tune and show your children just how much fun brushing their teeth can be!

Pssss… the tooth fairy left something special for your child!
Download and print this free Happy Teeth Puzzle!