Inspired by Our Pets

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

by TabTale

Many of us at TabTale have pets that we absolutely adore. Lately, we've found inspiration from our pets and have developed several games based on our experiences with them. Our recent apps feature adorable and friendly pets inspired by our very own pets. Whether you're a cat, dog or hamster lover, we have the PURfect app for you and your child to enjoy!

Dog Walker, Please!
As those of you who live in big cities know, it's not easy to find a responsible and caring dog walker. Just ask Andy, our Community Manager, whose search for a dog walker led him to pitch our most recent title, Dog Walker. In this fun and exciting new app, Alex the dog walker takes the neighborhood dogs on a morning walk and runs into some unexpected trouble!

Baby Kittens
When Sarah, our Content Lead, invited her 4-year-old cousin to her apartment to play with her new kittens, she couldn't help but notice how mesmerized they were by the kittens. After brainstorming with our talented (and animal-loving) Creative Team, My Newborn Kitty was (literally) born! With over 8 interactive care activities, My Newborn Kitty is fun for kids of all ages and bursting with fluffy adorableness!

Cat Craziness
If you've played with Crazy Cat Salon, you know this app is anything but ordinary. What kind of cats go to CRAZY hair salons, color their hair and get fancy manicures?! The answer is simple, of course - cats with style! While Ann, one of our super creative game designers, doesn't dye her cat's hair purple, she does make sure her cat always looks awesome! Ann's love for her cat inspired Crazy Cat Salon, a hilarious and fun-filled app for cat lovers of all ages!

Now it's your turn... we want to hear from you! How do your pets inspire you? Let us know on our Facebook page!