Izzie’s Math – Q&A with Game Designer Amir Dori

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

by TabTale

Has your child played our newest educational game Izzie’s Math? This fun-filled app encourages kids to learn early math concepts and think about numbers creatively. At TabTale, we understand that children grasp math more easily while enjoying everyday activities. That's why we've created this revolutionary learning app, with entertaining and interactive math activities your child will love.

We asked Amir Dori, Izzie’s Math game designer, to tell us more about the creative process and making of the app. Here’s what Amir had to say:

1) What was your inspiration behind creating Izzie's Math?
As a creative person, I really had a difficult time with math when I was a kid. The method of teaching and explaining math was too boring and not fun. I thought this should be changed, especially nowadays with the creative technology every kid embraces as a crucial part of his "toy arsenal". When looking for some good kids math apps, I discovered many were too much like doing homework, and didn't take advantage of math-gamification. This is what inspired the creation of Izzie's Math and paved the way for what was to come.

2) Describe Izzie's Math in 3 words.
Best game ever! :-)
Jokes aside, in Izzie's Math, the whole concept is to practice math by playing fun activities and overcoming mathematical problems through day-to-day intuitive tasks. The focus is on the fun, and the math is not the goal, but the journey.

3) What features will kids enjoy most in this game?
Well, there are lots of fun features in this game, from adorable animations to humorous graphics, but the kids will definitely love the dress-up for the main character the most. Kids can customize Izzie’s look inside the actual activities. The various clothes can be bought by game's allowance money which is achieved by completing an activity successfully. By the way, “buying” a new dress-up item from the shop is also an intuitive mathematical task in which kids can count in-game coins and gather the right amount to pay for the clothing item.

4) What special features are there for parents?
The parent-child bond was also considered deeply when making this game. We understand that not all kids are on the same mathematical level, and that kids may make some mistakes or have difficulties answering some of the questions. That's why we have a special "Ask a Parent" feature" which pauses the game and allows kids to take the time and involve their parents in solving the mathematical problems. Moreover, there's a special report card for parents in which parents can track and review their child’s progress, as well as the areas for improvement.

5) What were the greatest challenges you faced while making the app?
Keeping it fun and avoiding the "homework zone". I believe we achieved this and I am really proud of how the game turned out. I can’t wait for kids all over the world to play it and experience math as a fun and exciting adventure!

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