Messy Molly Interviews Dylan Collins

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

by TabTale

Messy Molly is super excited that Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, the largest digital kids marketing platform in the world, is coming to speak at Casual Connect Tel Aviv. In addition to being an investor and consultant across kids media and technology companies, Collins is Chairman of the top-rated UK technology agency, Potato and sits on the board of Brown Bag Films, Europe’s leading kids animation studio. While Molly usually likes to make a mess of things, when it comes to kids' safety, she doesn't mess around! Check out Molly's adorable interview with Dylan Collins and see what he has to say about kid-safety in the digital world. Molly: What makes an ad kid-safe? How does SuperAwesome help keep kids safe while enjoying mobile games?

Dylan: Great question. A kid-safe ad is two things: 1) it doesn't collect data on the kid (cookies etc) and 2) the content of the ad and the campaign itself must be completely appropriate and fun.
Our global platform ensures that advertising doesn't track kids illegally (cookies, retargeting) and guarantees that only 100% kid-safe content will be shown. We work with only kids and family brands (such as LEGO, Hasbro etc) to guarantee our publishers ad content which kids will genuinely enjoy. We have operations around the world (US, UK, APAC) so that we can adjust our ad content to make sure it's appropriate country by country.
Any time you see one of our ads, you know it's 100% safe to tap! Molly: What should parents look out for when allowing their kids to play with apps?

Dylan: The biggest challenge is not knowing what content is really in the app itself (getting much easier thanks to app store reviews) but also what kind of content is being advertised. Many apps are family-friendly but their ads are essentially doors into inappropriate content for kids.
Look out for our padlock symbol in the corner of an ad, you're guaranteed that it's kid-safe so you tap it with complete confidence. Molly: What was your favorite game to play as a child? Do you have a favorite game or app today?

Dylan: I played a LOT of games when I was a kid. Some of my favourites were Streetfighter 2, Cannon Fodder and XCOM. I still think that Sensible Soccer is the best football game ever made.
Today, I seem to spend my game-time playing tablet versions of those same titles! Outside of those, I have an unhealthy obsession with Clumsy Ninja. Molly: I'm so excited you're coming to speak at Casual Connect TLV! What are you most excited about for this trip?

Dylan: Meeting new game developers in the kids space! And possibly squeezing in some delicious food while I'm here too.