TabTale’s Super Into Super Casual Games

Monday, August 7th, 2017

by TabTale

TabTale has decided to allocate more than 3 million dollars to our relatively new line of super casual indie games. In 2016, the super casual market had 2-4 billion downloads and a revenue of 1 billion dollars. That data led TabTale to heavily invest in the super casual space by way of game development, new publishing deals and new M&A opportunities.  

Why Super Casual is a Super Big Business Opportunity

TabTale has been working with numerous indie game developers across game genres over the past 5 years. Some notable hits include Eon Game’s “Fold the World” puzzle and Tactile’s “AirHeads” arcade game. We’ve reached top store rankings and downloads with our hand-picked titles. It wasn’t long until we began releasing our own super casual games: first “Borderline”, which quickly garnered over 10 million downloads, and more recently “No One Dies Tonight”, ranked No. 3 for iOS Games, No. 4 for iOS overall in the US, and No. 1 in Canada. The excellent results reassured TabTale of our intentions to increase our focus on the super casual genre.

Caption: Year-by-year download summary of super casual mobile hits

We Go Big or Go Home

Our 3-year plan now includes the release of 30 to 50 new super casual games each year, produced internally or by indie game developers. US $3M is designated to supporting indie game developers looking to partner with us. The support is not just a financial one; we will fine-tune the indie developers’ games and and prepare for release within a production cycle of up to 6 months. At the same time, we continue to look for gaming studios with strong portfolios, innovative technology and a team looking to lead the studio to great new frontiers.

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