The Tale Behind Fairytale Birthday Fiasco

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

by TabTale

Once upon a time a tiny TabTaler named Ella dreamed of being a princess. (Ella is the daughter of our Community Manager, Andrew, and just about the most adorable princess we've ever seen!) Ella dressed up in the finest princess costumes, played pretend in her imaginary castle, and stole the heart of every prince in the kingdom.

When her birthday came around, her father made her a magical cardboard castle with lots of duct tape and bright pink sparkles. He scoured Pinterest and popular parenting blogs to find the most creative fairytale party ideas. He made crowns of toilet paper rolls, iced jeweled cupcakes and invited friends and family to celebrate Ella’s Royal Birthday Ball!

The birthday ball was a great success! The guests left delighted with crowns, party favors and very full tummies!
But alas, Princess Ella started to cry. "Will I still be a princess now that my party is over?” she asked. “Who will play with me in my castle?”

The next day, while riding his not-so-white, not-so-horse-powerful Prius to work, Andrew had a brilliant idea.
“I shall make her a Fairytale Birthday app!” he proclaimed. “This way, she will feel like a princess everyday!”

Andrew summoned his friends at TabTale and shared his clever plan with them. Sure enough, they loved the idea and began working day and night on a fairytale app for Ella. After months of hard work, Andrew brought little Ella into the office to test her brand new fairytale app!

She played and played (and even found some minor bugs!), so immersed in the game that she didn’t even notice they were already in the car, on the way back home. “Thank you Daddy”, she exclaimed. “I feel like a real princess again!”

And so Fairytale Birthday Fiasco was released on all the stores in the App Kingdom. It was on that day that all little princesses around the world joined Ella in playing happily ever after.

The End. (Until our next app!)