Congratulations, It’s an App!


Monday, November 2nd, 2015

by TabTale

Ever wonder how our apps come to life? Do they magically appear out of thin air or does a friendly-looking stork drop them off on our doorstep? Well, the answer is neither. Now that you're old enough, it's time we tell you about the birds and the bees... just kidding!

TabTale apps are made just like babies - with lots of love and dedication! Behind each and every one of our apps is a devoted team of developers, illustrators, animators, producers and more! By the time our apps reach the store, they've already been through a long and heartfelt creative process. And while the process doesn't usually take 9 months, it sure does feel like it sometimes!

It takes a great idea to make a great app! Our ideas come from everywhere - everyday experiences, trends we notice, our wild imaginations and of course, from our own kids! We have brainstorming sessions all the time at TabTale, during which we throw around all kinds of crazy ideas, some of which even become apps!

Story Time!
Once we decide on an idea, we begin forming the game's storyline. Our creative team writes a narrative and defines the game's plot, characters and their personalities, end game etc. They then work on a presentation that depicts the game's levels and features.

Draw & Develop!
To the drawing board we go! It's time for our incredible illustrators and animators to make our app come to life. Have you seen the phenomenal art in our apps?! Round of applause for our world-class art team! Meanwhile, on the other side of the office, our developers are busy typing away at their computers. They’re doing all kinds of brainy things like writing sophisticated code and working on our proprietary development engine to create animation and gameplay. Pretty cool, eh?

And We're Live!
Before we release an app, we take it for a test drive! We ask kids to play with our apps and tell us what they think. We listen carefully to their feedback and make any last minute adjustments necessary. Hurry up, it’s time to head to the delivery room! Finally, after a long and passionate creative process, our app is ready for kids all over the world to enjoy!

We want to hear from you! Any ideas for our next app? What game would you like to see us make? Leave a comment on our Facebook page!