Celebrate National Siblings Day!


Friday, April 10th, 2015

by TabTale

It’s National Siblings Day! Yes, believe it or not there's a national holiday to recognize and celebrate your siblings. And it's not a hallmark holiday! The day was actually established by Claudia Evart who wanted to honor her late siblings. Evart chose April 10th, her sister Lisette's birthday, as the official day to set aside family drama and celebrate the joy and blessing of siblings.

National Sibling's Day is an especially wonderful holiday to celebrate with your kids, as it promotes family values and friendship among siblings. Those of us who have more than one child know how difficult it can be for our children to get along sometimes. Here are 3 great ways to celebrate the holiday and encourage your kids to be best of friends for life!

1) Surprise Breakfast
Surprise your kids with an extra special morning treat! Make your kids a pancake breakfast with fun toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips and strawberries! You can even have your kids help you prepare breakfast for one another! Tell your kids the special breakfast is in honor of National Sibling's Day - to celebrate how sweet having siblings can be!

2) Lunchbox Love
Ask your kids separately to write a short note explaining what they love most about each other. Place the notes in their lunchboxes so that they receive a surprise from their brother or sister! Make sure to add a sweet treat along with the note. Your children will love the lunch box surprise and special snack from their sibling!

3) Movie Date
Treat your children to a movie date! Kids love going to the movies, especially when it comes along with popcorn and an XL soda! Look for movies that have some sort of family or sibling theme so that you can discuss the importance of strong sibling relationships after the movie.

Hope theses ideas give you some inspiration for National Siblings Day! How do you plan on celebrating Siblings Day? And more importantly, how do you teach your children the importance & value of sibling bonds? Leave a comment on our Facebook page to inspire others!