Spring is Here!


Thursday, March 19th, 2015

by TabTale

Spring is in bloom! The weather is getting warmer, gardens are springing to life and everyone is starting to venture outdoors. As the days get longer, your children and you can spend more quality time outside, enjoying the beautiful new flowers, fresh foliage and friendly spring sunshine.

Spring is the perfect time to explore nature and try some new, spring-inspired activities and crafts with your children. Here are some fun spring activities for kids of all ages. We hope you find a few activities that inspire you this season!

Plant a Garden
Gardening is a wonderful outdoor activity, especially in the warm spring weather. Encourage your children to grow their own plants, watch over them and care for them on a daily basis. Start with simple cress seeds or herbs such as mint, rosemary and basel. You can even plant sunflower seeds and watch them grow into giant, gorgeous sunflowers! Gardening is also a great way to teach responsibility, by reminding your children to water their plants every day. Your kids will love planting their very own garden and seeing their seedlings blossom!

Plan a Picnic
Picnics are not only fun for kids, but also for the whole family! It’s such a treat to eat outside, on an oversized blanket, especially after spending the entire winter season hibernating indoors. Planning a picnic doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Just pick an outdoor location - whether a local park, beach or nearby field - and pack a cooler of light and fun snacks. Some of our favorite picnic foods include, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, deviled eggs and fruit salad! Don’t forget to pack outdoor toys like balls, a hula hoop and bubbles for extra fun!

Hunt for Eggs
Celebrate Easter with a fun-filled Easter egg hunt! Egg hunts have long been an Easter tradition and favorite spring activity for kids. This year, make your egg hunt even more exciting by heading to the woods (or some place slightly more exotic than your backyard) and adding clues to the eggs to lead kids from one egg to the next. Adding clues is great for older children as it encourages them to use their imagination and practice their reading skills.